Services at edmk - Kempten-Durach   (?)

Service requests available online at Kempten-Durach
Initiate Request at Kempten-Durach
Type of requestCustoms clearance at arrival or departure from/to non-EU-contries or from/to regions with special customs regulations.
ConditionsPPR: Your customs clearance at edmk has to be confirmed by the customs administration.
Pre-notification times1 hour during regular operating hours, otherwise on the day before
Additional requirementsCommercial goods must not be carried
Type of requestArrivals/departures outside of regular operating hours.
ConditionsArrivals/departures outside of regular operating hours can only be scheduled in special cases and have to be requested via phone. You cannot use this website for these requests.
Opening hoursSummer: 7:00 - 17:30 UTC = 9:00 - 19:30 LOC max SS
Winter: PPR, please contact the airport by phone (+49-831-65969)